Pro marathon rudder is meant for more stable and universal kayaks. With a manual rudder lift function.


  • A high-quality stainless steel rudder ensures durability under any circumstances.
  • Aluminum rudder feather will provide efficiency and stability in the water.
  • Two special polyethylene spacers between the body and the feather provide additional durability and reduce friction.
  • High-quality 4 mm thick rubber for the return of the rudder feather.
  • Stainless steel rope attachment loops ensure long-term use without loss of quality.
  • The rudder feather, designed for comfortable steering, will prevent weeds from accumulating or causing inconvenience.
  • Its innovative shape ensures smooth movement in the water and eases steering.
  • This rudder is created to ensure not only your comfort but also high product quality and longevity!
  • When encountering an obstacle, the rudder rises due to its unique design and does not create unwanted resistance. This will allow you to easily overcome obstacles and enjoy flawless kayaking.


  • 370x180x120 mm
  • 540 gr.


  • The rudder kit includes a special mounting sleeve, providing you with an easy and reliable installation process.
  • This sleeve is usually glued into a filled end of the kayak’s body, ensuring a strong and secure attachment.
  • Please watch our tutorial video in FAQ section for more information.

Whats included in the kit:

  • Stainless steel rudder with an aluminum feather x1
  • Mounting sleeve x1


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