How to install Aro Kayak rudders?

The rudder kit includes a special mounting sleeve, providing you with an easy and reliable installation process. This sleeve is usually glued into a filled end of the kayak’s body, ensuring a strong and secure attachment. Watch this video or contact us to help install the rudder into your kayak.

How to take care and maintain your rudder?

Considering that our rudder has a sliding function, it is important to properly maintain it, especially when there is a possibility of encountering a lot of sand or other abrasive materials. If you notice excessive dirt coating, it is advisable to remove it by washing it with plenty of water. Additionally, pay attention to the elasticity of the rubber. If you notice a decrease in rubber elasticity, you can easily and independently replace it with a new round 4 mm rubber, ensuring an optimal sliding effect. It is important to know that it is prohibited to lubricate the rudder mechanism with oils, as this can harm the rudder’s functionality.